WIND turbine blade FAQ  

   These blades have been extensively tested under a rather large variety of wind and weather conditions. We even compared them to a commercial set (brand will go nameless) and we blew them away... Gradually over a period of time we just got it right!  They are well sized for a variety of  small Generator or PMA applications. what follows are some random thoughts as to there best operation.

wind turbine blades


1) they will work just fine the way they are, Great precision we have  found is NOT required for success, but that is not to say they will not benefit from additional sanding and or balancing just do not change the overall geometry. feel free to round the leading edge and taper the trialling edge, you are creating an airfoil, like  an air plane wing...

2) PAINT THE BLADES.... any kind of cheap spray paint will work, but I am a big fan of the Rustoleam brands. White is the least visible.  This will dramatically increase there lifespan in the weather

wind turbine

3) Make a hub from an old metal circular saw blade or even a nice flat steel or aluminum cooking pot top they have the perfect hole in the center ready to go


4) Drill the holes about a half inch in from the leading edge, you can go
a Small way in either direction as in  more pitch for less wind and less pitch for more wind, you actually can do this without a drill using a soldering iron or hot poker

little windy

5) Get them at least reasonably evenly spaced, use a protractor or even a string, while I actually have  run some  horribly mismatched setup , one technique that works is measuring from tip to tip of your blades, if they are the same then your good to go!!

6) PLEASE be careful the whole wind thing is full of hidden dangers.
While raising the tower if the blades start spinning AND hit you it WILL NOT BE PRETTY THEY SPIN  FAST AND ARE DESIGNED TO SPIN UP  FAST.. I was hit in the head once, it hurt allot and ruined my whole day
   ALSO a warning; when you decide to make your own blades using these as a template.. be careful, people HAVE already been hurt cutting these on a table saw.......

7) How long should they be?  Well this is a good question somewhere between 24inch an 30inch is just about right for most setups,  The longer they are the more torque but the slower they spin and and the shorter the more speed...Your mileage may vary of course..

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