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African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew
Algerian Cooked Carrot Salad
Amhari - Atklit, Tigre - Alz'e (Ethiopian Vegetable Bowl)
Amhari - Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Bowl)
Amhari - Shero Wat (Ethiopian Dry Peas Bowl)
Avocado Stuffed with Smoked Fish (West Africa)
Baharat (Hot)
Baked Plantain Load
Banana-Coconut Bake
Bananas with Green Split Peas
Beans with Coconut Milk
Berbere Marinade
Braised Duck with Orange-And-Lime Sauce
Capetown Fruit and Vegetable Curry
Carrot Sambal (Grated Carrot Salad or Condiment)
Carrot, Orange and Radish Salad
Coconut Corn Curry
Dabo Kolo (Crunchy Spice Bites)
Dovi (Peanut Butter Stew)
Eggplant Curry
Fried Cabbage
Ful-Sudani: Peanut Macaroons
Funkaso: Millet Pancakes
Futari (Coconut-Peanut Pumpkin)
Gesmoorde Vis (Salt Cod and Potatoes with Tomato Sauce)
Ginger Soft Drink
Green Pea Soup
Groundnut Stew
Harissa (Very Hot)
Haroseth (Date Paste for Passover)
Ingelegde - African Recipe
Injera (Flat Bread)
Karamu Chicken
Kenyan Samosa
Kerrie-Aartappels En Uie (Curried Potatoes and Onions)
Kulikuli (Peanut Balls)
Kuskus [North African]
Lamb Shanks Braised in Red Wine with Herbes De Provence
Lemoen-Brosbeskuitjies (Orange Shortbread Cookies)
Live Vegetarian Curry
Maharagwe (Spiced Beans in Coconut Milk)
Maharagwe (Spiced Red Beans in Coconut Milk)
Malva Pudding
Mango-Orange Drink
Moroccan Lambzucchini Couscous
Nigerian Peanut Soup
Niter Kebbeh
North African Orange and Lamb Kebabs Jb
Okra Soup
Oliebolle Met Suurmelk (Sourmilk Doughnuts)
Peanut Soup
Pickled African Peaches
Pineapple Squash
Pinto Beans with Potatoes
Plantains in Coconut Milk
Qalat Dagga (Tunisian Five Spices)
Ras El Hanout
Sesame Crunch Chicken
Shoko (Beef and Spinach Stew)
South African Vegetable Biryani
South-African Lamb Pilaf
Spiced Vegetables
Spicy 3 Cheese Macaroni and Cheese
Spicy Matoke
Spicy Mixed Vegetable Stew (Yetakelt W'et)
Steamed Fish with Fish Gravy
Sweet Potato, Cheese and Onion Casserole
Vegetable Mafe
Wat Spices
West African Chicken and Groundnut Stew
West African Groundnut Stew
West African Peanut Stew - Eric Freeman
Yassa Au Poulet (Marinated and Grilled Chicke
Yataklete Kilkil (Spiced Vegetables)
Yeshimbra Asa (Pea Flour Fish)
Zimbabwe Greens
Zucchini with Peanuts
Zucchini/courgettes with Peanuts
Mango Fool