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Applesauce-Whole Wheat Squares
Banana Crackers
Barley Chips
Barley-Oat Crackers
Basic White Crackers
Blue Cheese Chips
Buckwheat Flatbread
Celery Seed Circles
Cheddar Crackers
Cheese Crackers
Chocolate Ovaltine Ovals
Coffee Crackers
Corn-Millet Circles
Cracker Tips
Cranberry Crunches
Cream of Rice Crackers
Creamy Whole-Wheat Crackers
Crunchy Peanut Crackers
Curry Crackers
Double Cashew Crackers
Fennel and Onion Crackers
Fondue Crackers
Garbanzo Bean (Chick-Pea) Crackers
Garlic-Poppy Seed Crackers
Good Dog, Biscuits
Herb Sticks
Honey Graham Crackers
Honey Grahams
Hot Potato Crackers
Indian Papadams
Italian Whole Wheat Focaccia Crackers
Jack and Dill Squares
Lemon-Coconut Wafers
Malted Milk Crackers
Millet Crackers
Molasses Oat Crackers
Mustard Seed-Wheat Germ Wafers
Norwegian Flatbread
Oat Bran Squares
Old-Country Buttermilk Pretzels
Orange-Wine Wafers
Pepper Crackers
Peppery Molasses Crisps
Pesach Mandlen
Pistachio Meltaways
Quick Soda Crackers
Rice-Flour-Soy Sauce Crackers
Ritz Cracker Torte
Rye Crackers,,
Rye Crisps
Scallion Bread Sticks
Scandinavian Hardtack
Seasoned Oyster Crackers
Sesame Cheddar Sticks
Sesame Corn Chips
Sesame Snacks
Sour Cream-Onion Twists
Spice Tea Wafers
Spicy Corn Chips
Spicy Corn Crisps
Spicy Parmesan Wafers,
Spicy Shortbread Bites
Sprouted Rye Cakes
Succotash Snacks
Thin Rice Cakes
Traditional Soda Crackers
Triticale Crisps
V-8 Crackers
Vanilla Crackers
Walnut Crackers
Walnut Rounds
Wheat Berry Whizzes
Wheat Thins
White Crackers
Yam Crackers
Yeast Crackers
Yogurt Thins
Zesty Rosemary-Rye Sticks