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"21" Club Rice Pudding
"My Inspiration" Cake
"Oreo" Frozen Dessert
"Out of the Park" Pudding-Wiches
24-Hour Strawberry Dessert
7-Up Dessert
A Banana Cake for Any Size Pan
A Quick Dessert
A Variation on the Theme of Pashka #1
A Variation on the Theme of Pashka #2
A Very Special Brown Betty
Aaronson Tiramisu
Al Forno's Chocolate Bread Pudding
Aliter Dulcia (Another Kind of Dessert)
All-American Dessert
All-American Strawberry Shortcake
Almond Butter Balls
Almond Cream Peach Tart
Almond Cream with Chow Chow
Almond Float #1
Almond Float #2
Almond Heart Napoleons
Almond Jello (Chinese Gelatin Dessert)
Almond Kit-Hillie
Almond Lake with Mandarin Oranges
Almond Pumpkin Charlotte
Almond Shortbread Cookies
Almond Tartlets
Almost Fat-Free Cheescake
Almost-No-Fat Grand Marnier Ice Cream
Amaretto Fruit Parfait
Amazing Banana Nut Roll
Ambrosia #1
Ambrosia #2
Ambrosia Sherbet
Ambrosia Sorbet
American-English Trifle
Amish Apple Brownies
Amish Friendship Bread (Requires Starter)
Amy Scherber's Chocolate Rolls
Amy Scherber's Pecan Sticky Buns
Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Dessert
Angel Food Fruit Flan
Angel Food Snack
Angel Food Summer Pudding
Angel Horns
Anise Cookies #2
Anzac Biscuits
Apple and Apricot Envelopes
Apple and Blackberry Sorbet
Apple and Plum Kugle
Apple Baklava
Apple Betty #1
Apple Betty #2
Apple Bites
Apple Brown Betty
Apple Brownies
Apple Bundles
Apple Butter Muffins
Apple Butter Torte
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Apple Cheddar Muffins
Apple Cheese Crisp, "Roy Rogers" Style
Apple Cobbler #1
Apple Cobbler #2
Apple Cocoroon Pudding
Apple Cookie Sheet Cake
Apple Cranberry Crisp #1
Apple Cranberry Crisp #2
Apple Crisp
Apple Crisp #01
Apple Crisp #02
Apple Crisp #03
Apple Crisp #04
Apple Crisp #05
Apple Crisp #06
Apple Crisp #07
Apple Crisp #08
Apple Crisp #09
Apple Crumble
Apple Crunch #1
Apple Crunch #2
Apple Crunch #3
Apple Custard Tart
Apple Dessert
Apple Dessert Pizza

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