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"Braveheart" Cock-A-Leekie Soup
"Pizza" Bread
1-2-3 Meurbeteig Dough
1981 Winning Recipe Chili
45cal Chili
7-Layer Taco Dip
A Norwegian Coffee Cake "Kringlas"
Adas Careh (Lentil Butter)
Adobo Beef Salad with Apricot, Ginger and Hibiscus Salsa
Afelia (Braised Pork with Coriander)
African Spinach and Peanut Butter Stew
Ajiaco Del Restaurant Garcia
Albondigas Soup with Turkey
Algerian Couscous
Almond Tabbouleh
Ame Hnat - Very Dry Beef Curry
Amish Cake
Andouille Jambalaya
Andouille Sausage
Andouille Smoked Sausage in Red Gravy
Andouille Stuffed Jalapenos
Anglesey Cake - Cacen Sir Fon
Anise Cookies " Anesplatzchen"
Anna Jachimowicz's Standard Seasoning
Anticuchos (Peru)
Antipasto Bread
Antojitos (Filled Mini Tortilla Cups)
Apple and Black Bean Picadillo
Apple Filling for Strudel
Apple Nut Cake
Apple Red Cabbage
Apricot Gratins with Almond and Kirsch
Ardshane House Irish Stew
Arjay's Sand Springs Chili - Southern
Arni Souvlaki
Arroz Con Pollo
Arroz Dulce
Arroz Y Gandules
Aruba Chicken
Arugula and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Salad
Asado Con Pimienta Negra (Roast Beef and Blac
Asian Sesame Noodles
Asopao De Pollo
Asparagus Fromage
Au Pied De Cochon Re (French Onion Soup)
Aunt Lisl's Butter Cookies
Austrian Bread Dumplings
Austrian Chocolate Cup
Autumn Breakfast Squash Soup
Avocado Dip
Ayam Panggang Mesanten (Grilled Chicken With
Azerbaijani Pilaf
B/m "Sour" Sourdough
Baba Au Rhum
Baba Ghannouj (Eggplant and Sesame Puree)
Baba Ghanouj - Quick and Easy Diabetic Menus
Baba Ghanoush
Babaganoush (My Doctored Version)
Bajan Baked Chicken
Baked Chicken Legs
Baked Fish (Psito Psari)
Baked Flatbread with Garlic (Lahsooni Naan)
Baked Mexican Rice
Baked Noodles - Mlinci
Baklava (Low Fat Low Cal Version)
Baklazhannaya Ikra (Eggplant Caviar Odessa Style)
Bami Goreng (Indonesian Fried Egg Noodles)
Banana Condiment
Banda Kopir Tarkari (Vegetables Stir Fried with Spices)
Baptismal Pot
Bara Brith ( Speckled Bread)
Barbecued Beef (Korean Bul Kogi)
Basbousa Bil Loz (Basbousa with Almonds)
Basic Bruschetta
Basil Pesto Spread
Basmati Chaaval
Basque Style Steamed Clams (Almejas Guisadas)
Bean and Corn Burritos
Bean Burrito
Bean Curd on Sizzling Platter
Bean Moussaka
Becky's Jambalaya
Becky's Red Beans and Rice
Beef and Rice Skillet
Beef Braised in Red Wine

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