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"Little Chief" Smoked Salmon Deluxe
Accra (Saltfish Cakes)
Acrats De Morue (Catfish Fritters)
Adobo Tuna
Adobong Isda (Fish in Tangy Sauce)
Adolf Frey's Pike Quenelles
Ahi Carpaccio
Ahi Katsu with Wasabi-Ginger Butter Sauc
Al Rice Blacken Blend
Alaska Bake
Alaska Cod Strips To Dip
Alaska Gratin
Alaska Matelote
Alaska Omelette
Alaska Patties
Alaska Salmon and Avocado Pasta Salad
Alaska Salmon Chowder
Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwich
Alaska Seafood Tarts
Alaska Vol-Au-Vents
Alaskan Fish Bake
Alaskan Rock Fish a la Mary
Alaskan's Temptation
Albacore or Yellowfin Tuna
All-In-One Tuna Casserole
Almond Fried Shrimp
Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp
Angel Hair Pasta with Tomato-Scallop Sauce
Angela's Squid Spaghetti
Anglers` Remoulade Sauce
Antipasto Di Mare
Appetizer Shrimp Kabobs
Apple-Scallop Ramekins
Apricot-Ginger Glazed Pork Roast with Fruit Stuffing
Apricot-Glazed Fish
Aromatic Striped Bass Alla Yulia
Arroz De Bacalhau
Art's Mock Crabmeat Casserole
Asian Fish Rolls in Rice-Paper Wrappers
Asian Salmon Planks
Asian-Style Tilapia with Baby Corn Relish
Assam Spicy Shrimp
Avocado with Shrimp Remoulade
Baby Corn Relish
Baby Kay's Shrimp Roumalade
Baby Leeks with Tomato Confit
Baby Shark Fry (Tiburoncito Helen Margoth)
Bacalaitos (Salt Codfish Fritters)
Bacalao a la Viscaina
Bacalao a la Viszcaina (Basque Style Codfish)
Baccala Alla Bolognese
Bachelor's Snapper
Bahama Fried Fish
Bailey's Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew)
Bakaliaro Tiganito (Fried Salt-Cod)
Bakaliaros Pastos Me Kremmithia, Kalamatianos
Baked Angel Hair and Shrimp
Baked Bass
Baked Bluefish
Baked Breaded Bluefish with Mock Tartar Sauce
Baked Catfish and Pecans
Baked Catfish Parmesan #1
Baked Catfish Parmesan #2
Baked Catfish with Onions and Tomatoes
Baked Citrus Swordfish
Baked Clams
Baked Cod Alaska
Baked Cod Greek Style
Baked Cod Provencal
Baked Cod with Stuffing
Baked Codfish with Spinach and Cheese Sauce
Baked Eel (Anguilla)
Baked Filet of Sole
Baked Finnan Haddie
Baked Finnan Haddie (Smoked Haddock)
Baked Fish
Baked Fish #1
Baked Fish #2
Baked Fish and Vegetables
Baked Fish Au Gratin
Baked Fish Cake
Baked Fish Cakes
Baked Fish Fillets with Veggies
Baked Fish with Almond Stuffing
Baked Fish with Almond Stuffing
Baked Fish with Bacon Stuffing
Baked Fish with Hot and Spicy Spinach
Baked Fish with Hot and Spicy Spinach
Baked Fish with Orange-Chili Marinade

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