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After Holiday Ham Biscuits
Agnolotti Ignudi Al Mascarpone (Meat Balls in Mascarpone
Alligator and Andouille Sauce Piquante
Appetizers - Ham Biscuits
Apple Pork Curry
Apples and Buttons (Schnitz Un Knepp)
Apricot Baked Ham
Arkansas Bbq Sauce (2gal)
Asparagus Ham Quiche
Asparagus Ham Swirls
Asparagus Lasagna
Asparagus Puff Ring
Aunt Naomi's Easter Ham
Autumn Pork Chops
Baja Blintzes
Baked Ham
Baked Ham Slice in Sauterne
Baked Ham with Mustard Sauce
Banana and Ricotta Pizza with Ham
Barbequed Ham
Bavarian Pork
Belgian Endive and Ham Au Gratin
Black Bean and Ham Pilaf
Black Bean Gazpacho
Black-Eyed Peas with Ham
Botsford Inn's Honey Baked Ham with Cumberland Sauce
Bow Tie Ham Salad
Brine To Cure Ham and Bacon
Brown Sugar Glaze
Brunch Enchiladas
Cheezy Ham and Rice
Chicken and Dill Fricassee with Sour Cream Shortcakes
Chicken and Green Onion Cobbler
Chicken, Ham and Fennel Pot Pies
Chili Fried Rice with Ham (Nasi Goreng)
Cider Baked Ham
Combo Gumbo
Company Ham
Company Ham Sauce
Corn, Ham and Potato Scallop
Country Ham and Potato Salad
Country Style Ham Apple Pie
Cranberry Ham
Cranberry-Mandarin Ham Sauce
Cranberry-Maple Glazed Ham
Deep-Dish Ham Pie
Deviled Eggs with Ham
Deviled Ham Ring
Diablo Sauce
Dry Rub 2
Dublin Coddle
Easy Ham and Potato Hash
Easy Leek Quiche
Eggs Benedict with Cheese Sauce
Elegant Holiday Ham Glaze
Emily's Bean Soup
Fast& Quick Skillet Lasagna
Fettuccine a la Chef
Fettuccine in Lemon Cream Sauce
Fettuccine with Country Ham and Vegetables
Fettuccine with Ham and Napa Cabbage
Fettuccine with Peas and Ham
Fillet of Pork Charcutiere
Fresh Pork Pot Roast with Dumplings
Fried Pork Chops
Fruited Pork Chops
Fruity Ham Glaze
Fruity Pasta Salad with Ham
Garden Toss Salad
Garden Vegetable and Ham Topping
German Dish
Glazed Ham Balls
Goat Cheese, Artichoke and Smoked Ham Strata
Golden Glow Pork Chops
Grandma Hitchcock's Mustard Sauce for Ham
Green Cabbage and Ham Soup
Green Chili with Pork
Gumbo Z'herbes (Green Gumbo)
Ham 'n Cheese Supper Bread
Ham a la King
Ham and Asparagus Roll-Ups
Ham and Barley Soup
Ham and Biscuit Skillet
Ham and Broccoli Casserole
Ham and Cauliflower Hot Dish
Ham and Cheese Calzone
Ham and Cheese Griddle Cakes
Ham and Cheese Muffins
Ham and Cheese Pie
Ham and Cheese Potato Bites
Ham and Cheese Quesadillas

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