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Almond Citrus Salad
Almond Fruit Smoothie
Almond Raspberry Vinaigrette
Bean Tamale Pie
Black Beans and Vegetables
Braised Greens with Beans and Onion, Sweet-Sour Dressing
Calico Chili
California Couscous
Cheese-Filled Banana Pancakes
Columbus' Quincentennial (500 Years) Macaroni and Cheese
Creole Beans
Crockpot Pinto Bean and Sweet Potato Chili
Curried Chickpeas and Black Beans
Curried Grape and Vegetable Stir-Fry
Daall-Mepali Lentil Soup Recipe
Easy Day Vegetable Lasagna
Egg Croquettes Malfel
Eggplant Matzo Lasagna
Eggs Sardou
Five-A-Day Fruit Crepes
Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna
Fresh Grape Salsa
Frozen Lemon and Grape Treats
Giggly Jiggly Grape Fun
Glorious Greens
Grape and Cheese Empanadas
Grape and Roquefort Salad
Grape Bruschetta
Grape Caesar Salad
Grape Chutney
Grape Crunch Coffeecake
Grape Frozen Yogurt
Grape Pita Sandwich
Greek Spinach Salad
Green Onion Polenta with Tomato-Mushroom Sauce
Hazelnut Vinaigrette
Herbed-Potato Frittata
Hijiki Rice Salad
Hoppin' John Salad
Hopping John
Make-Ahead Grape Tabbouleh Salad
Mama's Baked Eggplant
Mediterranean Phyllo-Twists with Grapes and Cheese
Mexican Cheese Sauce
Mexican Fiesta Salad
Mock Chicken Loaf Florentine with Chickenless Gravy
Moroccan Couscous Salad
Mushroom Almond Risotto
Mustard Lemon Dressing
Noodle Kugel
Pasta Roma
Practically Perfect Picnic Salad
Prevention's Dolmehs (Stuffed Vegetables)
Provencal Potato Pizza
Reduced Fat Almond Biscotti
Rice and Beans with Pesto
Rigatoni Casserole
Roasted Italian Vegetables with Polenta
Roasted Tomato-Pasta Frittata with Parmesan Toast
Saffron Rice with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Simply Sensational Stuffing
Souffled Spinach Crepes
Southwest Stew
Southwestern Corn Frittata
Soya Bean Patties
Spaghetti with Feta and Black Olives
Spanakopita Quiche
Spanakopita Strudel
Spanish Onion Torte
Spiced Grapes
Spicy Asian Almond Noodles
Spicy Chickpea-Potato Stew
Spicy Lime Dressing
Spicy Vegetable Grill
Spinach-Feta Cheese Omelet with Dill and Chives
Spinach-Ricotta Gnocchi
Squash-And-Potato Frittata
Stove-Top Beans
Strawberry-Topped Puffy Pancake with Creamy Orange Filling
Three Herb Dressing
Tomato Salad with Potato-Blue Cheese Tart
Tomato-Mushroom Sauce
Triple Mushroom Burger
Vegetarian Grapes and Grains
Vegetarian Red Bean Stew
Winter Vegetable Stew with Cheddar and Croutons
Worried Fried Green Tomatoes
Zucchini Waffles with Pimento-Cheese Sauce
Bert's Best Breakfast - Oatmeal Burgers
Black Bean Lasagna

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