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Bacon Scallops
Baked Scallops with Oyster Cracker Crumbs
Barbequed Scallops Hoisin
Bay Scallops with Fettuccine
Bay Scallops with Lemon and Dill
Bay Scallops with Lime and Cream
Bay Scallops with Spinach and Garlic
Bourbon-Bacon Scallops
Chinese Shrimp and Scallops in Garlic Sauce
Coquilles a la Florentine
Coquilles St Jacques
Cousin Vinny's Linguine with Scallops
Fettuccine with Shrimp, Scallops, and Mussels
Fried Scallops, Portuguese Style
Garlic and Seafood Sauti
Lemon-Broiled Scallops
Lickety-Split Linguine with Scallops and Toma
Linguini with Scallops and Pesto
Lowfat Scallops Tandoori Style
Pan-Seared Scallops, Corn, and Tomatoes
Scallops and Pasta with Fresh Tomato Cream Sauce
Scallops and Penne Pasta in a Saffron Broth
Scallops in Foil Packages
Scallops Mornay
Scallops with Basil-Lemon Sauce
Scallops with Pine Nuts and Dried Tomatoes
Shrimp and Scallops Stroganoff
Shrimp and Scallops with Peas
Turnovers with Shrimp, Scallops and Spinach
White Seafood Risotto