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Academy Award Crab Cakes
Almond Butter Spread
Almond Cheese Pinecone
Anchovy Sandwich Butter
Anchovy Spread
Angel of Death Cheese Spread
Appetizer Ham Ball
Apple Butter
Apple Maple Jam
Apple Nut Spread
Apricot Preserves
Apricot-Cream Cheese Spread
Aunt Marg's Pressed Beef
Avocado Banana Spread
Avocado Butter
Avocado Sandwich Spread
Bagel Toppers
Barbecue Spread
Basic Blender Mayonnaise
Basic Herbal Butter
Bean and Garlic Dip
Better Than Butter or Butter You Can Live With
Betty's Butter and Herb Butter
Bites of Pleasure Cocktail Pizzas
Black Walnut Cheese Logs
Blanco Bean Dip
Blt Dip
Blue Cheese Walnut Spread
Boursin (Herbed Cheese Spread)
Braunschweiger Ball
Braunschweiger Glace
Brie Walnut Spread (Eb)
Broccoli-Spinach Spread
Butter Dips
Cajun Style Crab Cakes
Cajun-Style Crab Cakes with Creole Honey-Mustard Sauce
California Rillettes
Camembert and Walnut Pate
Caper Sandwich Butter
Caraway Blue Cheese Spread (Eb)
Carrot Raisin Sandwich Spread
Cashew Uncheese
Caviar Dill and Purple Onion Dip
Chalet Ham Spread
Cheddar Butter
Cheddar Cheese and Brandy Spread
Cheese and Beef Ball
Cheese and Herb Spread
Cheese Roll
Cheesy Lemon Spread (Eb)
Cherry Freezer Jam
Cherry-Yogurt Filling
Chevre Aux Herbes
Chicken-Prosciutto Filling
Chive Roquefort Spread (Eb)
Chive-Cheese Butter
Chopped Chicken Liver Spread
Chutney Sandwich Butter
Cinnamon Equal
Cinnamon Honey Butter
Cinnamon Spread
Citrus Spread
Coarse-Ground Mustard with Honey and Tarragon
Crab Cake Terrine - Knox
Crab Cakes with Mustard Sauce
Crab Cakes with Papaya Salsa
Crab Vegetable Dip
Cranberry Jelly
Cranberry Preserves
Cranberry-Filled Brie
Cream Cheese Ball
Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce for Fresh Fruit
Creamy Mustard Horseradish Spread
Creamy Mustard Spread
Creamy Shrimp Spread
Curried Butter (Eb)
Curried Mayonnaise Spread
Curried Roasted Garlic Spread
Czech Potato Dumplings
Delicious Party Spread
Dill Sandwich Butter
Dill-Burnet Butter
Drunken Cheese Spread
Dungeness Crab Cakes
Eggplant Caviar
Eggplant Dip
Eggplant Tahini Pate
Ellen's Basil Boursin
Ellen's Boursin

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