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"Beef" and Bean Burrito
$20,000 Prize-Winning Chili
30-Minute Chili
A Marvellously Simple Hot Bean Dip
Abilene, Tx Annual Chili Super Bowl
Adobe, Mexican Smoked Chili Marinade
All-American Chili Dog
Ambush Chili
Amigos Chili
Ancho Sauce
Anderson House Taco Salad
Ann's Salsa for Rubio's Fish Tacos
Ann's Texas Chili
Annette's Vegetarian Chili
Arcadian 8 Bean Chili
Armadillo Eggs
Armadillo Eggs
Avocado Gazpacho Soup
Avocado Piquant
Aztec Platter
Baked Chicken and Broccoli Tortillas
Baked Chilies Rellenos
Baked Citrus Swordfish
Baked Huevos Rancheros
Baked Shrimp with Chili-Garlic Butter
Banana-Cheese Empanadas
Bean and Tvp Burritos
Bean Enchiladas
Beans and Tvp Burritos
Beef Chili
Beef Fajitas
Beef Taco Salad
Beef-Pot Roast Tex-Mex Style
Big Mike's Chili
Black Bean and Rice Burritos
Black Bean Casserole Ole
Black Bean Chili
Black Bean Chili Part 1 of 2
Black Bean Chili Part 2 of 2
Black Bean Flautas
Black Bean Polenta
Black Bean Tortilla Melt
Black Bean-Chipotle Chili with Seitan
Blue Ribbon Chili 1992
Blue Ribbon Chili 1993 Puppy's Breath Chili
Blue-Ribbon Chili
Brother Dave's Chili
Brown Bag Gourmet Chili
Bruschetta Turnovers
Buffalo Chili
Buffet Taco Salad
Calorie-Counter's Chili
Campbell Soup - Chili Dogs
Camper's Cookies
Carne Asada Beef
Carne Asado (Mexican Style Beef Tips and Gravy)
Carnitas Di Amigos
Cattle Kings' Ranch Hand Chicken Soup
Cheap Cheap Chili
Cheap Chili
Cheese and Chili Souffle
Cheese Chiles
Chi Chi's Mild Salsa
Chicken and Chilies Casserole
Chicken and Sausage Chili
Chicken Chili Bean Salad
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Mole, Lhj
Chicken Taco Salad
Chicken with Rice (Arroz Con Pollo)
Chicken-Chili Enchilada Casserole
Chicken-Sour Cream Enchiladas with Salsa Verd
Chile Cheese Sticks
Chile Con Queso (Chile Cheese Dip)
Chiles Rellenos (Fried Stuffed Chiles)
Chiles Rellenos (Spicy Meat Filled Peppers)
Chili Ala Capt. James Mcdonnell, Engine 81
Chili Baked Ocean Perch
Chili Beans and Beef
Chili Blanco Especial
Chili Bowl Pizza
Chili Cheese and Egg Puffs
Chili Cheese Grits
Chili Cheese Pie
Chili Con Carne (Or "Spicy Bean Soup" If You'
Chili Con Carne C/p
Chili Con Cornbread
Chili Con Pavo
Chili Con Pollo
Chili Con Queso El Paso

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