4-Fruit Wedding Punch

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Title: 4-Fruit Wedding Punch
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Beverage


2 Parts orange juice
2 Parts lemonade
1 Part pineapple juice
1 Part grapefruit juice
-(optional; but gives a nice

------------------------ONE BATCH, ACCORDING TO "MOM------------------------
2 qt Lemonade from a mix;
1 cn (12-oz) frozen orange juice;
1/2 "tall can" frozen pineapple
-juice; reconstituted
1/2 "tall can" grapefruit juice;
-reconstituted (optional)

This recipe contains no carbonation and no ice cream. I have not tried it
spiked, but you could probably add rum to it (I'm not up on alcohol, but I
believe that's supposed to be good in punch). This is our family's punch
recipe--we serve it for all special occasions.

I will give what I think are the proportions first, then I'll give the
exact amounts my mother-in-law uses for the 11 people in our extended

*Sorry, I don't know the size of the "tall can", but it's the standard
U.S. size that is larger than the 12-oz.-can size.

Prepare lemonade. Reconstitute orange juice, pineapple juice,and
grapefruit juice, according to package directions, and in separate
containers. Add lemonade to punch bowl. Add all of the orange juice, 1/2
(up to 3/4) of the pineapple juice, and 1/2 of the grapefruit juice.

Slice thin orange wheels and float on top for a festive look. Cherries
would also look nice.



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