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Title: Advocaat
Yield: 16 Servings
Categories: Beverages


9 lg Egg yolk; at room
1 ts Pure vanilla extract
2 c Extra finely granulated
2 c Brandewijn; (Dutch Brandy)

Beat the egg yolks, fine sugar and vanilla extract until the mixture turns
a very smooth, pale yellow colour. The mixture will be quite thick in its
consistency. Add the Brandewijn very slowly, keeping your mixer at the
lowest possible speed. Completely incorporate the brandy into the egg
mixture. Place the Advocaat into the top portion of your double boiler.
Keep your heat on low and slowly, warm the Advocaat. Do not allow the
mixture to pass the warm point.

NOTES : "This is the Dutch equivalent of eggnog and literally translated
means "lawyer". This traditional Dutch beverage is always served during the
Christmas season. Serve in a lovely glass and provide the guest with a
small spoon for consumption of the beverage."

Recipe by: Let's Go Dutch

Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by Carol H on Mar 10, 1998