Afghan Kofta ( Meatballs )

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Title: Afghan Kofta ( Meatballs )
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Appetizers


1 lb Ground beef 1 Onion finely minced 1 Green pepper finely minced 1 ts
Clove garlic finely minced 1/2 ts Ground coriander seed Salt and pepper to

Knead together the beef, onion, pepper, garlic and salt and pepper. Let
stand 30 minutes to blend flavors. Form into 16 oval balls. String 4 on
skewers alternating with a onion quarter, green pepper quarter and cherry
tomato on each skewer.Grill about 5 minutes until browned, turn and grill
other side. Served with spiced brown rice and a large piece of the flat
Afghan bread.

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