All-Apple or Apple Raspberry Jelly

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Title: All-Apple or Apple Raspberry Jelly
Yield: 32 Servings
Categories: Condiments, Fruits


2 12-oz cans
Concentrate -- or another
1 2-oz pkg
Made with little or no
Unsweetened apple juice
Dry pectin for jams and

~-Patially thaw concentrate and add enough water to make 1 quart; pur into
a 5-6 quart pan. Add pectin; stir until dissolved, about 10 minutes.
Scrape the pan sides often. --On medium-high heat, sit until boiling. On
high heat bring to a rolling boil that can't be stirred down; boil exactly
one minute. Off the heat, skim off foam. Pour hot liquid into 1-2 cup jars
to within 1/2 inch of rims. --Wipe rims clean, then cover with lids. Let
jelly cool; serve or chill up to 3 months. Makes 4 cups. These have a base
of fruit juice concentrate so make sure that you purchase concentrates that
have no added sugars. These do not save calories but for some people they
are more refreshing and digest easier

Recipe By : RED FLA

From: Ladies Home Journal- August 1991