Aloha for Six Stir-Fried Broccoli and Sweet Onions

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Title: Aloha for Six Stir-Fried Broccoli and Sweet Onions
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Vegetables


1 Spanish onion
2 tb Vegetable oil
1 ts Granulated sugar
1 ts Salt
1 ts Red wine vinegar
3 sm Garlic cloves, fine chopped
6 c Broccoli florets and sliced
2 Sweet red peppers, sliced
1/2 ts Pepper
1/2 c Vegetable stock or water

This recipe attempts to duplicate, as closely as possible, the taste of the
famous Hawaiian Maui onion.

Cut onion in half lengthwise; cut crosswise into 1/2-inch thick slices. In
wok or large skillet, heat oil over medium-low heat; cook onion, sugar, 1/2
ts of the salt, the vinegar and garlic. Cover and stir occasionally, for
about 20 minutes or until translucent but not browned. Remove from pan and
set aside.

Recipe can be prepared to this point and refrigerated in airtight container
for up to 8 hours.

Increase heat to high. Add broccoli, red pepper, pepper and remaining salt
to pan; toss to combine. Add stock; returning onions to pan. Cover and
cook, stirring occasionally for 5 minutes or until broccoli is

Per serving: 100 calories, 3 g protein, 5 g fat, 12 g carbohydrate

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Source: Canadian Living Magazine March 1996 by Karen Barnaby


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