Anchovy Biscuits

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Title: Anchovy Biscuits
Yield: 12 Servings
Categories: Appetizers


1 Stick butter or margarine;
1 pk (3-oz) cream cheese;
1 c Flour
1/4 ts Garlic salt
1 Tube anchovy paste

Cream butter and cheese. Add flour and garlic salt. Work dough into ball
shape. Cut dough ball in half. Roll dough out on a floured surface. Dough
should be the thicknsss of pie pastry. Cut out dough with small biscuit
cutter. Squeeze a dab of anchovy paste in the center of each biscuit. Fold
over dough into half-moon shape. Freeze immediately. When frozen, bake at
400? for 10 minutes or until golden brown.


From , by the Little Rock (AR) Junior
League. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive,