Apple-Pear Butter

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Title: Apple-Pear Butter
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Jelly


4 lb Juicy; tart apples
4 lb Pears
1 c Orange juice
1/4 -(up to)
1/2 c Water; if desired
2 tb Grated orange peel
2/3 c Sugar

Wash 8 pint, five 1-1/2 pine or 4 quart jars in hot soapy water; rinse.
Keep hot until needed. Prepare lids as manufacturer directs. Wash apples
and pears. Place in a 6-quart pot. Pour orange juice over fruit; cover.
Stirring occasionally, cook over low heat until fruit is tender. If mixture
is too dry, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup water as mixture cooks. Press through a food
mill or sieve into a large bow; discard seeds and skins. Return puree to
pot. Stir in orange peel and sugar. Stirring constantly over medium heat,
bring to a boil. Ladle into 1 hot jar at a time, leaving 1/2 inch
headspace. Release trapped air. Wipe rim of jar with a clean damp cloth.
Attach lid. Place in canner. Fill and close remaining jars. Process in a
boilinb-water bath. Pints 20 minutes, 1-1/2 pints or quarts,

Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 01:08:10 +0000

From: "Wendy Lockman"

MM-Recipes Digest V3 #174

From the MealMaster recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive,