Apples and Potatoes

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Title: Apples and Potatoes
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Potatoes


4 md Potatoes, 1" cubes
2 Tart
1 tb Sugar
4 sl Bacon, 1" pcs.
1 md Onion
1 tb Margarine
ds Nutmeg

Heat 1" salted water to boiling. Add potatoes, apples and sugar. Heat to
boiling. Reduce heat. Cover and cook until potatoes are tender, 10-15
min. Drain

Fry bacon until crisp. Drain. Cook and stir onion in bacon fat until

Place potatoes and apples in serving bowl. Dot with margarine and sprinkle
with nutmeg. Top with onion and bacon.

Recipe By :

From: Ladies Home Journal- August 1991