Apricot-Pecan Cookies - Wday

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Title: Apricot-Pecan Cookies - Wday
Yield: 16 Cookies
Categories: Cookies, Holidays


1/4 ts Ground cardamom
8 sm Dried apricots; finely
1 Basic Cookie Dough I;
1/4 c Pecans; finely chopped

1. Mix cardamom and apricots into dough. Roll dough into 8" log and slice
into 16 pieces. Roll each into ball and coat with chopped pecans. put
balls 1" apart on ungreased cookie sheet and bake 12-14 mins until bottoms
are browned. Remove to wire rack to cool.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Per cookie:
71 calories, 4g fat (51% CFF) 11mg chol w/ butter, 3mg chol w/ marg
31 mg sodium

Contributor: Woman's Day, Nov 22/94 Preparation Time: 00:30

Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 247 by Cathleen
on Nov 12, 1997