Artichoke Nibbles

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Title: Artichoke Nibbles
Yield: 30 Servings
Categories: Appetizers


2 Jars marinated artichokes
1 sm Onion; minced
1 Clove garlic; minced
4 Eggs
1/4 c Fine bread crumbs
2 ts Minced parsley
1/4 ts Salt
1/8 ts Pepper
1/8 ts Oregano
1/8 ts Hot sauce
1/2 lb Sharp Cheddar cheese; grated

Drain marinade from 1 jar artichokes into a skillet. Discard marinade from
other jar. Chop artichokes. Add onion and garlic to skillet. Saute until
clear. Beat eggs; add crumbs and seasonings. Stir in cheese, parsley and
artichokes and add to onion mixture. Turn into greased 11x7-inch pan. Bake
at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool in pan. Cut into 1-inch squares.

From a collection of my mother's (Judy Hosey) recipe box which contained
lots of her favorite recipes, clippings, etc. Downloaded from Glen's MM
Recipe Archive,