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Title: Bag-A-Bird
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Chicken


1 tb Lime juice
1 tb Lime peel; grated
1 ts Soy sauce
1/4 ts Louisiana hot sauce

6 Chicken breast halves
4 tb Flour
4 tb Oil
10 Mushroom; sliced
2 Scallion; thinly sliced
1/3 c Wine, white, dry
3 tb Ginger sauce

--------------------------------GINGER SAUCE--------------------------------
2 tb Ginger, fresh; grated
2 tb Basil, fresh; chopped
2 tb Wine vinegar, red
2 tb ;water
2 ts Honey
2 ts Soy sauce
4 tb Wine, white, dry
1/4 c Oil
1/4 ts Red pepper flakes
1/4 ts Sesame oil

2 Egg
1 c Milk
1/2 ts Salt
1 c Flour
2 tb Butter; melted

6 Peach half, canned; drained

Marinade: Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.

Chicken: Mix chicken and marinade together in a large bowl and refrig-
erate for 30 minutes. Remove chicken from marinade and lightly coat chicken
with flour. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook chicken
until lightly browned. Remove from skillet and keep warm. In the same
skillet, add mushrooms, wine and 6 tablespoons of the ginger sauce. Simmer
over medium low heat for 5 minutes. Do not over cook.

In a blender, blend the first 8 ingredients together until smooth, then add
the red pepper flakes and the sesame oil and blend well. Refrigerate.

Crepes: Beat the eggs well. Beat in the milk, salt, flour and the melted
butter until smooth, or in a blender all together. Let stand 30 minutes
before cooking. Heat a 10-inch skillet until fairly hot, but not smoking.
Film with butter. Use a small measuring cup or pour several tablespoons of
the batter into the pan. Quickly tilt the pan to spread the batter evenly
in the pan. Cook until lightly browned. Turn with a spatula and cook other
side for about 30 seconds. Stack the crepes, using a sheet of waxed paper
between each cooked crepe.

To assemble: Remove the chicken from the warming dish and cut into
bite-sized pieces. In the center of a cooked crepe, using a slotted spoon
put one-sixth of the cooked mushrooms, one-sixth of the cooked chicken, 1
tablespoon of the ginger sauce and a sprinkle of chopped green onion. On a
serving dish, spoon some of the juice from the cooked mushrooms and 1
tablespoon of the ginger sauce. Pull up the sides of the filled crepe to
form a bag. Then tie the top of the crepe with a strand of the green
onion, to hold the crepe upright. Put the crepe on the juices in the
serving dish. Garnish with 1 drained peach half, several sprigs of the
watercress and some sliced green onion.

-- Wallace Harton, New Orleans
per Fred Towner Submitted By SAM WARING
On MON, 20 NOV 1995 145826 GMT

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