Bailey's Corn Wafers

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Title: Bailey's Corn Wafers
Yield: 6 Servings
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3/4 c White cornmeal
1/2 ts Salt
1 c Boiling water
2 tb Margarine; melted
Unsalted butter

Preheat oven to 425F degrees. Grease 2 cookie sheets or coat with vegetable
cooking spray.

Mix cornmeal and salt in a bowl and pour in boiling water, stirring all the
while to keep lumps from forming. Stir in margarine.

Drop 1 tablespoon at the time onto the cookie sheets. This batter should be
liquid enough to spread out into a 3-inch circle. If it doesn't spread, add
a bit more water. Bake until golden brown around the edges and crispy,
about 20 minutes. Serve with sweet butter.

Makes approximately 36 wafers.

SOURCE: Lee Bailey's Soup Meals (1989:isbn0517573040)

Notes: Look like a cornmeal cookie. Lee's Intro: These wonderful, crisp
little wafers are so easy to prepare you will want to make them every time
you serve soup. You might vary them by adding a bit of prepared Cajun
seasoning to the batter.

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Recipe by: Lee Bailey's Soup Meals: Warm-Weather

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