Baked Clams with Garlic Butter

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Title: Baked Clams with Garlic Butter
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Seafood


24 Cherrystone clams
6 tb Soft butter
Salt and generous grinding
-of black pepper
1 tb Finely minced garlic
1 tb Finely chopped shallots
4 tb Chopped fresh chervil or
4 tb Freshly grated Gruyere or
-Parmesan cheese

Preaheat the broiler to high. Open the clams or have them opened, discard
the top shell; loosen the clams on the bottom half of the shell.

Blend together in bowl the butter, salt, pepper, garlic, shallots and
chervil. Do not add too much salt because the clams are salty.

Spoon an equal amount of herb butter on top of each clam and smooth it
slightly. Arrange clams on baking dish and sprinkle cheese over each clam.

Place clams under broiler 5-6 inches from the heat. Broil about 3-4
minutes until hot and golden brown. Do not overcook. Serves four.


From a collection of my mother's (Judy Hosey) recipe box which contained
lots of her favorite recipes, clippings, etc. Downloaded from Glen's MM
Recipe Archive,