Baked Halibut on Bed of Cabbage

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Title: Baked Halibut on Bed of Cabbage
Yield: 6 Servings


6 Halibut steaks ( frozen )
3 c Shreded cabbage ( Half of a
-medium cabbage), not too
Lemon juice from 1 lemon ; -
-Divide in half amount
1 bn Parsley ; see Note.
1/2 c Bread crumbs
3 Garlic clove mashed fine.
Granulate Garlic ( not
-garlic powder)
5 tb Olive oil ( divide 2 + 3 )
Salt and freshly ground
-pepper .

Source: From my Mother with Love & More. Rina.

You will need a rectangle dish that hold 6 halibut steaks.

In a bowl put cabbage ,Half the amount of lemon juice, 1/8 teasp salt, some
freshly ground pepper , less the 1/8 teasp granulate garlic, and 2 tables
of olive oil. With clean hand mix the cabbage, and squeeze a little the
cabbage to soften. Arrange in the rectangle dish as first layer.

On top put the frozen Halibut.

See Note: To prepare Parsely.I take the bunch in one hand very near the
leaves, and pull down the stalks, with the other hand I twist the stalks
till they torn,Wash leaves in bowl with plenty of water and dry them with
paper towel.

In your Food Processor use still knife, put Parsley and use - on / off
button 2 -3 times, Add all other ingredients - not Granulated garlic but
the fresh mashed one, Add another 1/2 teasp salt and some ground fresh
pepper. Work Food Processor again on/off button, till all blend nice.

Arrange over the halibut and spread evenly on top.

Cover with aluminium foil and Bake in pre heated 375 F hot oven for 20
minutes. on