Baked Steamed Potatoes

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Title: Baked Steamed Potatoes
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Low-Fat, Potatoes, Side Dishes


4 lg Red Potatoes; Abt 1 Lb, Dice
1 c Nonfat Vegetarian Broth;
-Chicken Flavor
2 ts Sage
2 Cloves Garlic; Minced
Salt And Pepper; To Taste, I

Put diced potatoes into steamer and steam till just tender.

Preheat oven to 350 deg F.

Remove steamed potatoes to baking dish. Pour vegetarian chicken broth,
minced garlic and sage over them. Bake for about 1 hr.

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Recipe By : Reggie Dwork

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Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 21:01:06 -0800

From: Reggie Dwork

NOTES : Cal 70/3,

Fat 0.1g,

Carb 16.2g,

Fib 1.4g,

Pro 2.1g,

Sod 223mg,

CFF 1.5%.