Barbra's Best Chicken Soup! Pt 1

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Title: Barbra's Best Chicken Soup! Pt 1
Yield: 1 Servings


1 lg Stewing chicken/hen
1 pk Chicken feet; (no such thing
-as too many)
2 sm Turnips (white with purple
-top); peeled, root cut off
2 md Parsnips; firm (slice in 1/2
-if long), peeled, root cut
6 md Onions with a lot of skin;
-cut root off
2 bn Fresh parsley
2 bn Fresh dill
6 md Carrots cut in half; peel &
-cut ends
6 Stalks celery
Kosher salt
Table salt
Fresh ground pepper to taste
2 Cubes Knorr? bullion

Take your chicken and clean it! Get those red glops out of the indentations
inside the chicken! Throw away the liver and keep any other parts that came
with the chicken. Now you are going to need kosher salt. Table salt is
*not* a substitution. Put the clean chicken in a pot of ice cold water [I
even add ice cubes]. Use a pot large enough so the water will completely
cover the chicken with room left over for more water.

Pour [freehand] kosher salt into the pot. I really use a lot!! I imagine it
could be close to a cup, but precision does not matter here as we are not
going to use this water and will rinse the chicken. Give the water a few
good swirls [by spinning the chicken around] to dissolve the salt. If you
were lucky enough to find chicken feet [the supermarkets here carry them
off and on. When they have them I buy a few packages and keep them frozen -
a kosher butcher usually has them as well] rinse them and add them to the
pot. Also add any extras that came with the chicken (gizzard, etc). Let
this sit at least an hour.

I believe this process is called koshering the chicken [I just do it cuz it
makes my soup taste yummy]. Now that you finished watching your soap
opera... come back to the kitchen and take the chicken out of the pot.
Rinse it well and place on a large piece of foil on the counter. *Now look
at that water. Yuk!!! See all the blood it drew out of the chicken and
parts? Take kosher salt and pour a blanket of salt all over each piece
[front and back]. Let it sit a half hour at room temp or you can
refrigerate it overnight in ziplocks.

Rinse it well and place it into the pot you are going to use to make the
soup. Continue to rinse everything well and add to the pot.

Now we have our chicken and other parts sitting in an empty pot. Take about
six medium to small onions [you want ones with a lot of skin] and cut off
*just* the root. Throw them in the pot. Add two (2) Knorr? chicken bullion
cubes. Fill the pot up with *cold* [very important] water. Again, I am not
sure I remember [I can find out if you want to know], but I think if you
add a chicken to hot/boiling water it will seal the juices/flavor into the
chicken so while the chicken might taste okay... your soup tastes like

Carefully [it should be pretty heavy] carry the pot to the stove. Now you
can add table salt [I am not one to really cook with salt, but when it
comes to chicken soup... I just freehand it!!!! I have the Calphallon
professional size salt and pepper shakers so there must be 60+ holes at the
top of the salt shaker and I turn it upside down and let it pour!]. I also
add fresh ground pepper [according to your taste].

Let the soup come to a rapid boil and turn the heat down slightly. Skim the
foam off the top and discard. Allow the soup to cook at a rapid boil for 1

Add two small turnips [peeled and root cut off], and one large or 2
small/medium parsnips [peeled and root and tip cut off- if large cut in
half]. Continue cooking for another hour. If the water level reduces then
add more hot water from the tap.

Time for the carrots and celery. If you are going for the clear broth: Peel
about 6 carrots cut off tip and end and cut each in half. Throw [okay
gently place] them into the soup. I guess you can use about six stalks of
celery as well. Leaves and all. Wash it well, cut in half and add to soup
[usually I never use the bottom piece of the celery for anything, but it is
just great for the soup].

If you want to eat the carrots and celery: Still add the carrots the same
way as they will be easy to pick out of the soup and can be neatly sliced
when cool. As for the celery, you *must* slice the stalks into about 3/4"
pieces [remember celery shrinks when cooking].

Lower the flame to medium and cook another hour.

Come back. Now really clean the parsley under water *very* well. I know of
nothing that is as dirty as parsley and dill. You can literally see all the
dirt washing out. As for the dill: If you bought it with roots, cut just
the dark [dirt] tip off and wash well. Add all to soup alternating between
a handful of dill then a handful of parsley so it is all mixed up. Use a
spoon and mix the soup and try to push a lot of the greens under the
chicken. I

continued in part 2