Basic Baked Potatoes

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Title: Basic Baked Potatoes
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Baked, Potatoes


4 Idaho potatoes

Scrub potatoesand pierce all over with a fork. Line microwave with paper
towels and arrange potatoes on top. Microwave on high for 5 minutes, tur
rearrange potatoe and microwave 5 minutes more. Repeat until potaotes feel
soft, 5-8 minutes more. Let stand 5 minutes. Preheat oven to 375 Cun an X
into the top of each potato. Scoop out the flesh leaving a thick potato
Chop the potao's flesh and place eash in its own small bowl. Combine with
ons(see recipes) Arrange stuffed potatoes in baking pan and bake 15
minutes or
until heated.

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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 03:29:51 GMT

From: Stephanie Ash

Recipe By : Weight Watchers