Basic Berry Jam

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Title: Basic Berry Jam
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Jelly


4 qt Berries

Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 20:37:07 -0500

From: (The Meades)

Recipe By : Elizabeth Powell

Use only freshly-picked berries and include a good percentage of under-ripe
berries. Pick over carefully and wash, removing stems, hulls, and debris.
Place in enameled or stainless steel pot, mash well, and bring to a boil
over moderate heat. Cook just until berries soften.

Put through food mill. If desired, this pulp may be strained through a
finer sieve. Measure pulp into an enameled or stainless steel pot that is
at least four times taller than level of pulp. For every cup of pulp, add 1
cup of sugar. Bring to a boil over moderately high heat and continue to
boil until the temperature of the jam reaches 221 degrees F on a candy
thermometer. (The stage at which the mixture will form a jelly of the
desired consistency if a spoonful on a small dish is placed in the freezer
for one minute.) Keep an eye on the boiling jam and stir frequently!

When jam is ready, ladle into sterilized jars, seal, and process according
to jar manufacturer's instructions.

NOTES : Berries may be blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, or strawberry



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