Basic Creme Center

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Title: Basic Creme Center
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Candies


--------------------------------MIX TOGETHER--------------------------------
2 1/2 lb Dry Candy Fondant
1 c Butter

1/2 c Whipping cream

Mix first 2 ingred. & let set overnight tightly
covered. Add cream & whip with heavy duty mixer or by hand. Divide dough
into separate bowls. . Makes nice batch of each. For each
bowl, add whatever color/flavor, etc you like. Below are some ideas:
Vanilla cremes: add vanilla ****to taste. Chocolate cremes: add melted dark
chocolate to taste. Mint center: add drops of peppermint oil & pink
coloring. Black Walnut center: add drops black walnut oil & bl walnuts.
Peanutbutter cremes: add smooth or crunchy peanut butter. Pineapple cremes:
add drops pineapple oil, chopped candied pineapple & chopped pecans. Jelly:
add fruit "flavored" jelly into candy mold with matching flavored oil
w/creme center. Nut center: wrap creme center mix around a nut meat as
filling; dip in white/tinted, or milk chocolate. Chocolate covered cherries
wrap creme center mix around a well-drained marachino sure the cherry is SEALED in the dough, chill & dip in choc.*
Be sure to dip as soon as removing from fridge. The acid in the cherry
causes it to start cordialing quickly. Will liquify some, but
some will remain "creamy" because of the butter. Coconut cremes: add
maccaroon coconut & drops or coconut oil For any dipped cremes: Form 1"
balls, let crust over & dip in compound coating chocolate. This is also
called "dipping chocolate." I prefer the brand "Merckens." It seems to take
more abuse/ reheating, or getting too hot, etc. Dolores McCann, Hamilton
Dolores McCann, Prodigy Food & Wine Board

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