Bean Curd and Spinach Soup with Rice

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Title: Bean Curd and Spinach Soup with Rice
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Asian, Soups, Tofu


2 oz Bean thread noodles -or-
1 c Cooked rice; or less
1 1/2 lb Fresh spinach
8 oz Tofu Mori-nu lite firm
1 qt Chicken stock or vegetable
2 tb Soy sauce
3 tb Rice wine or dry sherry
2 ts Sugar
1/2 ts Salt

INTRO: Serves 4. This simple but delicious and nutritious soup is one you
would often find on the table in China. Use soft bean curd: its
custard-like texture and mild flavor works with the sugar to neutralize the
metallic edge of the spinach. The bean thread noodles give substance to
this warming dish.

PREP: Soak the noodles in a large bowl of warm water for 15 minutes. When
soft, drain them and discard the water. Cut the noodles into 3-inch lengths
using scissors or a knife. Remove the stalks from the spinach and wash the
leaves well. Gently cut the bean curd into 1-inch cubes.

Put the stock into a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Add the bean thread
noodles and simmer for 2 minutes. Add the spinach and the rest of the
ingredients except the bean curd. Simmer for 2 minutes, then gently put in
the bean curd. Continue to simmer the soup for 2 more minutes to heat the
bean curd through and serve at once.

Source: Asian Vegetarian Feast (HardCover 1988) by Ken Hom. William Morrow
and Company, Inc. New York. ISBN: 0-688-07753-6. Reprint: trade paper 1997.
Original Title: Soft Bean Curd and Spinach Soup

dec 1997 kitpatH and Buster VARIATION: Substitute 3/4 cup cooked rice for
the noodles. We served with a Thai Garlic Pepper Sauce, reminded us of
hot-sour soup. With rice: PER SERVING: 179 cals, 2.5 g fat (13.4% cff)

Recipe by: Asian Vegetarian Feast (1988) Ken Hom

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