Beef Jerky

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Title: Beef Jerky
Yield: 1 Servings


3 lb Very lean beef (such as
-flank steak) (up to 5)
1 tb Salt
1 ts Onion powder
1 ts Garlic powder
1/2 ts Black pepper
1 c Warm water
2 tb Liquid smoke

The following is a recipe my dad uses. I believe he got if from a newspaper
about 25 years or so ago. When it starts drying the whole house smells like
beef jerky and you can hardly wait for it to dry, unless of course you use
a dehydrator it dries alot faster. Any way IMHO this is the best beef jerky
I have ever tasted.

slice the beef into strips 1/4 in. thick, 1/2 in. wide and 4-6in. long. It
does need thin slices to cure properly. If you freeze the meat unti9l it's
ice, it will slice easier and cutting across the grain will give a crisp
jerky and cutting with the grain a chewy jerky.

Mix remaining ingredients and pour over the strips. marinate overnight in
the fridge turning it a couple of times for good saturation.

Drain and pat on paper towling.

The drying process can be done in one of two ways sun dried or kitchen
range dried. Either way it must be dried until quite britlle. Store in
covered jars or tightly sealed plastic bags.

Like I said this recipe came from quite a few years ago. I suppose if you
have a dehydrator and follow the drying instruction it can also be done
that way. We always dried ours in the oven. To do this you place the strips
over the rack so that they hang down. Leave the oven door slightly open so
as not to cook the meat and have the oven on the lowest setting possible.
This way takes approximately 24-36 hours to dry.

Also a note on cutting the meat. At the grocery store where I shop if you
give the meat you want to the butcher and tell him it's for beef jerky he
will slice it for you. I don't know if all places are like that but it's
alot easier than slicing it yourself. Posted to Bakery-Shoppe Digest V1
#211 by (MR MATTHEW E KOTARSKI) on Aug 31, 1997