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Berry Leather and Chips

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Title: Berry Leather and Chips
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Dehydrator, Fruits, Snacks, Alaska


------------------------------COOKING ALASKAN------------------------------

The ingredients may be a bit uncommon....but the theory is the same, no
matter what fruit you use, so make cherry leather...or orange
leather...or....well you get the idea.

PUREES, FRUIT LEATHERS & CHIPS: Fruit leathers are dried leathery sheets of
pureed fruit. Fruit chips are made from crisp fruit leather that breaks
easily. Both have tangy, concentrated fruit flavor that makes them a
favorite snack for anyone, especially handy to pack in a lunch or rucksack.
Much of the following information about making purees, fruit leathers and
chips and the individual recipes are excerpted and adapted from University
of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin P-228, "Fruit Leather"

PUREE: To make berry purees, rinse berries, drain, put in a blender and
blend until the consistency of thick puree. Most berries do not need to be
cooked. Salmonberries and highbush cranberries have larger seeds and should
be put through a sieve after blending to remove seeds.

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