Best: Basic Muffin Mix

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Title: Best: Basic Muffin Mix
Yield: 12 Cups
Categories: Muffins, Mix


5 1/2 c All-purpose flour
2 1/4 c Whole wheat flour
2 1/2 c Natural bran
1 3/4 c Skim milk powder
1 1/2 c Granulated sugar
2 tb Baking powder
2 ts Salt

In large bowl, stir together all-purpose and whole wheat flours, bran, milk
powder, sugar, baking powder and salt until combined.

Transfer to airtight container; store in cool, dry place. Stir well before

For application see: Best: Chocolate Banana Muffins, Best: Healthy Start
Muffins, Best: Zucchini Loaf, Best: Orange Date Loaf

Muffin and Loaf Tips:

1. Muffins can be individually wrapped and frozen in airtight container for
up to 2 weeks [Best: Healthy Start Muffins - up to 10 days]; thaw, still
wrapped, at room temperature or in microwave.

2. Loaves can be warped in plastic wrap and stored for up to 2 days or
frozen for up to 2 weeks; thaw, still wrapped, at room temperature.

Source: Canadian Living magazine, Oct 94 Presented in article by Elizabeth
Baird: "Baking Up The Best" Recipe by Canadian Living Test Kitchen


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