Bill Martin's "Awesome Pork Loin Rub"

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Title: Bill Martin's "Awesome Pork Loin Rub"
Yield: 1 Servings


1 c Brown Sugar
1/8 c Salt; up to 1/4
1/8 c Black pepper and cherry
1 oz Chile powder
1 oz Sage or poultry seasoning
1 ts Cinnamon; (secret

Put it on the pit at 275 for just over 2hours, using oak, apple and a
little mesquite. This was my first time to use the Polder therm. and it was
great. When the loin reached 135 degrees, I brushed on some Jack Daniel's
Grill Glaze I'd made, then waited for it to reach 145. Took it off and let
it sit before carving. Nice smoke ring. Juicy and tender. Good smoky
flavor, although (as usual) a bit too subtle for my tastes.

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