Bird's Nest (Eggs and Toast)

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Title: Bird's Nest (Eggs and Toast)
Yield: 3 Servings
Categories: Breakfast, Eggs


6 sl Bread
6 lg Eggs
3 tb Butter or margarine;

Lightly butter both sides of slices of bread. Cut or tear out a hole in the
middle of each slice. Heat non-stick skillet or griddle on medium. Place
bread on grill, crack egg into a dish (to make sure it's good) and put it
in the hole. Cook round piece off to the side until golden brown on both
sides. Fry until egg looks half done. Carefully flip egg and toast and cook
until done, being careful not to overcook. Place egg/toast on a plate, and
place the round piece on top of the egg.

Recipe by: Vale'rie's Childhood recipe

Posted to recipelu-digest by "Valerie Whittle" on Feb
3, 1998