Blackpool Rock

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Title: Blackpool Rock
Yield: 1 Batch
Categories: Ron's, British, Candies


2 lb Moist sugar
1/2 pt Water
Cream of tartar
Flavoring essence
Tartaric acid
1 ds Golden syrup
All British Sizes - Sorry!

Blackpool Rock is exported all over the world and is famous for having
names running right through it. The method of adding the names is beyond
the scope of written explanations, and would take an actual demonstration
to learn.
To 'PULL' Sugar To pull sugar takes some learning
but can be mastered:) Turn the cooked sugar on to a oiled slab and leave
until cool enough to handle. Oil your hands, and working quickly, pull
between the hands until it acquires a lighter colour and a satin finish. As
it begins to set the mix is rolled into a long cylinders shape and cut with
a sharp knife or scissors.

Dissolve sugar in the water, add a good 3/4 ts cream of tartar, and boil to
'Large Crack' degree [312f.]. Pour onto an oiled slab and add coloring and
flavoring. ie: Red colour for raspberry or strawberry, yellow with
pineapple essence. Add just a pinch of tartaric acid and the golden syrup.
Work well following the directions for 'Pulling Sugar' above.

If you you want traditional looking rock: Set aside a small portion and
colour it red. Roll it out thin and wrap the flavoured/coloured mix inside
it. Lots of skill needed to get it right. Asbestos fingers are also
helpful if you wish to avoid burns. From Ron's Plaice. Home of Blackpool


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