Boboli Topping

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Title: Boboli Topping
Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Bread, Boboli, Pizza


-Dotty Hull rvkc52a

Here are some of the pizza combinations. All have mozzarella cheese in
addition to the other ingredients. HAWAIIAN--pineapple, bacon or canadian
bacon, homemade tomato sauce. GRILLED TERIYAKI CHICKEN--with grilled
chicken marinated in an orange teriyaki sauce, red onions, scallions and
sweet peppers. GOAT CHEESE--bacon, red onions, 3 color peppers, fresh
tomatoes and mild goat cheese. SHRIMP PESTO--with shrimp, fresh tomatoes,
Mediterrean olives, sund-dried tomatoes, and homemade pesto sauce.
SOUTHWESTERN BURRITO--with grilled chicken breast marinated in lime and
herbs, homemade black beans, fire-roasted mild chilies, sweet white onions
and cheddar cheese. Serve with green tomatillo salsa and sour cream. FIVE
CHEESE AND TOMATO--Fresh sliced tomatoes, basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella,
fontina, smoked gouda, and romano cheeses. (wrv)