Bombay Chicken and Rice

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Title: Bombay Chicken and Rice
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Indian, Chicken, Rice


3 lb Broiler-fryer, cut up
1 c Uncle Ben's Converted Brand
1 pk (6 ounces) dried mixed fruit
-pieces OR 1-1/3 cups diced
Dried fruit and raisins
1/2 c Chopped onion
4 ts Curry powder
1 1/2 ts Sugar
1 ts Salt
2 c Water
2 tb Butter or margarine, melted
1/2 ts Paprika
Chopped parsley, optional

Posted by Sonya Whitaker-Quandt 9/22/92 National Cooking Echo

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Remove excess fat from chicken; season with
salt. Combine rice, fruit, onion, 2 tsp of the curry powder, sugar, salt
and water in a 12x8x2-inch baking dish; stir well. Arrange chicken over
rice mixture. Combine melted butter, paprika and remaining 2 tsp curry
powder; brush on chicken. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake in 375
degree oven 1 hour, or until chicken is tender and most of liquid is
absorbed. Garnish with chopped parsley, if desired. Makes 6 servings, 520
calories per serving.

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