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Title: Bonbons
Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Candies


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Knead fondant which has been allowed to stand for 24 hours or longer until
smooth and pliable. Color and flavor. Mold into various shapes. Allow to
stand in a cool place until firm. Melt 2 cups fondant over lukewarm water
(120 F). Color and flavor as desired. Place bonbons on fork or on
confectioner's dipper. Dip into melted fondant one at a time. Remove from
fondant. Drain. Place on waxed paper. Form a swirl on the top. Nuts,
fruit, and colored or white coconut may be used in the bonbon centers or on
the surface. Set in cool place until firm. If fondant becomes too stiff
during dipping process add a few drops hot water and stir until blended.
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