Broccoli Quiche

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Title: Broccoli Quiche
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: 1 dish meal, Cheese, Eggs, Luncheon


1 Pie crust; (9 inch)
1 pk (10 oz) frozen broccoli; **
-see note thawed
1/2 c Onion; chopped
2 tb Butter
1 c Evaporated milk
3 Eggs; beaten
1 tb Chicken bouillon
1 1/2 c Swiss cheese or cheddar
1 tb Flour

Bake pie shell for 8 min at 425? Reduce heat to 350 In pan cook onion in
butter till tender. In bowl beat milk, eggs, boullion , and nutmeg. Toss
together cheese and flour. Add to egg mixture along with onions and
broccoli. Pour into pie shell and cook 30 min or until knife comes out
clean.. Remove form oven and let stand 10 min to set.

Serving Ideas : with rolls and a salad

NOTES : May be made with spinach

Recipe by: Alice Frederick

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest, Vol 01, Nr 940 by "Kay L. Hitchcock"
on Jan 14, 1998