Buckeyes #2

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Title: Buckeyes #2
Yield: 168 Servings
Categories: Candy


2 lb Creamy peanut butter; room
2 c Butter; room temperature
3 lb Powdered sugar
2 pk (12-oz) chocolate chips
1/2 Bar paraffin

Mix peanut butter, butter and sugar together until a smooth texture
develops. Form balls the size of "buckeyes." Refrigerate balls. Slowly melt
chips and parafin together in a double boiler. Using toothpicks, dip cold
buckeyes into chocolate mixture until 2/3 covered. Dry on waxed paper.
Yield: 14 dozen large or 20 dozen small.


From , by the Little Rock (AR) Junior
League. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive,