Butter Chicken #1

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Title: Butter Chicken #1
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Main Dishes, Poultry, Indian


1 kg Plain yoghurt
3 ts Tandoori powder
1 ts Salt
1/2 ts Chilli powder
4 Chicken breast - cubed

1/2 c Oil
2 Onions - sliced
6 Garlic cloves
1 ts Cumin seeds
1/2 ts Mustard seeds
1/2 ts Tumeric powder
1 1/2 ts Coriander powder
1 1/2 ts Cumin powder
8 Curry leaves

Fry Ingredients until onion softens (add a few tsp of yoghurt if too dry).
Then add chicken marinade and cook on low heat for at least 40mins. Add 6t
sugar, 1t lemon juice and more salt if needed. Thicken with 2t flour mixed
with water. Taste and try chicken. If ready turn off heat and then add 1
chopped tomato. Serve with a few fresh leaves of coriander for decoration.
Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #272 by "Mueck, Caralee"
on Oct 17, 1997