California Chili

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Title: California Chili
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Chili, Main Dishes


3 lb Chicken; cut up and browned
3 tb Olive oil
4 Garlic clove; sliced
3 Onion; peeled and chopped
1 ts Cumin seeds, whole
2 Jalapeno pepper; seeded and
2 c Chili sauce, prepared
4 Tomato; chopped
2 Green bell pepper; seeded
-and chopped
1 tb Worcestershire sauce
1 c Red wine

Brown the chicken. Heat a large frying pan and add the oil. Saute the
garlic, onions, cumin seeds and jalapeno peppers until the onions are
clear. Add all to a heavy pot and bring to a simmer. Cook for 1 hour. This
one has to be different. If it came from California it is expected to be
unusual. Try this. No avocado, but chicken and a very mild chili sauce from
a jar. It is really a great dish, although one should not confuse it with
the old-line chili cookers' product. By Jeff Smith The Frugal Gourmet From
the 12/04/1991 issue - The Springfield Union-News Meal-Mastered by Joe
Comiskey 09/12/1992

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