Canadian Croissant Sandwich

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Title: Canadian Croissant Sandwich
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Sandwiches


1/2 sm Ripe avocado; (peeled &
1 tb Creamy cucumber dressing
6 Thin slices Canadian style
2 lg Spinach leaves
2 Thin slices red onion
1 Whole wheat croissant; split

Mash avocado in small bowl. Stir in cucumber dressing. To assemble
sandwich: Layer 3 slices canadian bacon, spinach leaves, red onion and
remaining bacon on the bottom half of the croissant. Spoon avocado mixture
on top. Close sandwich together and enjoy.

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Recipe by: Key Gourmet

Posted to recipelu-digest by James and Susan Kirkland on
Mar 10, 1998