Candied Sweet Potatoes with Rum Butter Glaze

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Title: Candied Sweet Potatoes with Rum Butter Glaze
Yield: 12 Servings
Categories: Holidays, Vegetables, Side Dishes


5 lb Sweet potatoes
1/2 ts Salt
Nonstick cooking spray

---------------------------------RUM GLAZE---------------------------------
1 tb Butter
1/3 c Brown sugar; packed
1 tb Lemon juice
3 tb Dark rum
. or apple cider

Heat a large pot of water to boiling. Meanwhile, peel potatoes and cut into
quarters. Add to boiling water with salt. Boil 20 minutes, or until tender.
Drain well.

Preheat the oven to 400?. Coat a 2-qt. casserole dish with nonstick cooking
spray. Set aside.

Mash potatoes coarsely with a fork or a potato masher. Transfer to the
prepared casserole dish, smoothing the top with a spatula.

Prepare rum glaze: Melt butter in a medium-sized, heavy skillet. Stir in
sugar and lemon juice and cook over medium-high heat 3 minutes, or until
bubbly. Add rum, return the mixture to a boil, and pour over sweet

Bake 45 minutes, or until the glaze has become slightly crusty and nicely
golden. Cool for 5 minutes. Makes 12 servings.

* Approximate nutritional analysis: 231 calories per 1/2-cup serving; 3g
protein; 50g carbohydrate; 2g fat (6% of calo- ries), 4g fiber; 3mg
cholesterol, 125mg sodium; more than lOO% of the Daily Value for vitamin A,
55% for vitamin C, 23% for vitamin B6.

** American Health -- November 1995 **

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