Carmelized Pork

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Title: Carmelized Pork
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Vietnamese, Pork, Main Dishes


1 lb Fresh pork leg (ham)
1 tb Cooking oil
1 ts Salt
2 Green onions
1 ds Pepper
1 tb Fish sauce

Cut the fresh ham into several chunks about 1 1/2 to 2 inches square. Chop
the green onion fine. Heat the oil in 2 quart pot, then add the onion and
the remaining ingredients, including the pork. Saute, stirring, on medium
heat until the meat is brown (about 5 minutes or more). Add 4 cups water
and simmer, uncovered, on medium heat for one hour. Add the fish sauce and
continue to simmer on medium heat 1 more hour. Most of the water will be
absorbed by the meat and the remainder will be slightly thick--or
carmelized. Be careful not to burn it. Serve hot as a main dish, with lots
of rice. This has a very long life--it may be frozen, refrigerated,
reheated, and served as an appetizer, etc. Note: This takes a long time to
cook, but is very easy to do. In Hue, central Vietnam, pork belly is used
in this recipe. Bellyis very fat and is considered good in a cooler
climate. Don't discard the fat portions before tasting--it is surprisingly
good and surprisingly digestible. Recipe from: Vietnamese Cookery, by Jill
Nhu Huong Miller.

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