Carrot Sandwich Spread

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Title: Carrot Sandwich Spread
Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Vegetarian, Vegan, Sandwiches, Juicer


5 md Carrots
1/3 c Tahini
1 tb Miso, white
1/4 ts Celery seeds
1 Garlic clove, pressed
pn Cayenne pepper, optional

Extract juice from carrots and reserve 2/3 cup juice and 1 cup pulp.

Whisk together carrot juice and tahini until well blended.

Mix together in pulp and remaining ingredients.

Spread generously on whole grain toast and top with lettuce.

Per serving (spread only): 257 cal; 5 g prot; 207 mg sod; 12 g carb; 11 g
fat; 0 mg chol; 126 mg calcium

Vegetarian Gourmet, Summer 1993/MM by DEEANNE

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