Chaing Mai Satay

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Title: Chaing Mai Satay
Yield: 2 Servings
Categories: Thai, Poultry


--------------------------------NORMA WRENN--------------------------------
2 Cloves garlic; up to 3
1/2 c Thai kitchen coconut milk
1/3 tb Ground turmeric
1/2 tb Granulated sugar or thai
-kitchen coconut; (palm)
2/3 tb Thai kitchen fish sauce
Beef or chicken breast
-thinly sliced
Bamboo skewers

In A Blender, Puree Garlic, Coconut Milk, Turmeric, Sugar And Fish Sauce.
Skewer Meat And Place In Shallow Dish. Pour Marinade Over Meat And
Refrigerate 4-6 Hours (Or Overnight). Broil, Basting Frequently With
Marinade. Use Peanut Satay Sauce On The S Side For Dipping. Serves 2-3. MM
Norma Wrenn

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on Jan 31, 1998