Chateau Clarke Menu August 17, 1996

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Title: Chateau Clarke Menu August 17, 1996
Yield: 2 Servings
Categories: Menu, Holidays


Lemon lime soda
Maraschino cherries

--------------------------------FIRST COURSE--------------------------------
Warm dinner rolls
Seedless green grapes

--------------------------------MAIN COURSE--------------------------------
"Chicken in Pastry #2"
"Raspberry Dressing"
Minute rice

"Three Berry Sauce"
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cake
Chocolate icing
Vanilla icing
Various hot drinks

Neil's 30th Birthday - a romantic dinner for two, with dessert for possibly
more, if visitors drop by.

Have dinner on the back porch. Use the Waterford and the Lenox. Have
colorful summer flowers & tall candlesticks. Use a pale green tablecloth &
decorate with white Christmas lights. Dinner should be late, so that the
candlelight & Christmas lights have an effect.

For Coctails: Serve soda with a maraschino cherry & some cherry juice.

For the First Course: Warm the dinner rolls in the oven for a few minutes &
serve in a bread basket. Serve the washed grapes on a nice plate in the
center of the table.

For the Main Course: Serve the chicken, rice, & salad all on the same
plate, so that the salad dressing can dribble over onto the chicken. It's
good that way.

For Dessert: Presumably there will be more people at this point, so serve
dessert buffet-style. Depending on how many people there are, the good
china may not be a good idea... Have a kettle of hot water, and then a
variety of coffee, tea bags, & hot chocolate. Serve the ice cream with
three berry sauce dribbled on top. The cake should be a regular cake-mix,
cooked in a heart-shaped pan & frosted with regular chocolate frosting. Use
vanilla & pink & purple food coloring to write a happy birthday message.

Source: Lisa Clarke

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